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 School Results :

SCHOOL ASSEMBLY SESSION / VANDANA SATRA:-The most gratifying and attractive sector of school is Vandana Satra  which includes five dimensional educational system. The day begins with the pranayam like Brahmri, Anolom –Binolom,and the buzzing of Omm……………………….which gives the affect of purification of self and surrounding, it is  followed by the sequences of Prayer as formulated. The activities(Co-Curricular)in morning- Assembly are News of the day Amazing fact, Thought of the day, Wisdom   of the day, Moral fable or story by both Acharayas & student, Daily-Calendar( Panchang) & celebration of Birthday of the students.

The activities followed in the days end at the time of Vande Mataram is like Multiplication table in reverse order,G.K Questions & Current affairs by the students.


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